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CHAIN OF MIRACLES: Journey Through Faith by Tricia Kell

CHAIN OF MIRACLES: Journey Through Faith by Tricia Kell


Happy and enjoying life to the fullest with her husband and children, the author’s world revolved around her immense love for racing and the speedway. However, she was not prepared for the sharp curves life had in store for her. Suddenly, tragedy strikes, and she finds her life hopeless and in the pits.

Experience the unbelievable ride this wife, mother, and businesswoman takes on the track of life. From tragic death to two car accidents that leave two of her children physically challenged, she survived and today is a true success.

Ride along with Tricia as she shifts from living life in the fast lane, making all of her own decisions, to living life with God in the driver’s seat. Get ready to witness the power and love of God that turns a chain of tragedies into a chain of miraculous victories.

Tricia’s story will inspire you to move from where you are and motivate you into you own victory lane. This is the “stuff” winners are made of!