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Host: Joan Porte

What’s for dinner? If your moon is rising and mercury is in retrograde you might want to avoid complicated recipes! On Astrological Cook the parallel between your sign and your sauce will come together in delicious blend of information and humor. This weekly program walks you through some basics of catering to your Zodiac sign and gives healthy options for your chart. Expert guest and host Joan Porte chat through menus and give tips for pantry items that fit your chart. It’s part art part science and all fascinating.


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Astrological Cook with Joan Porte

Joan started “playing” with Astrology when she was in grammar school. She always had a fixation with the planets – Pluto being her favorite (surprise she is Scorpio Sun!) Yes, Pluto is still a planet to her! She put her astrology “toys” away when she grew up and went into the “real world,” sadly convinced that it was time to do more important things. The universe and her North Node in Sagittarius woke her up in her mid-thirties after which she began an intensive study of Western astrology.

According to Joan, “Modern Man takes for granted the Sun and how its energy propels and sustains life. Moon energy controls the tides yet we ignore the other more personal influences it has on our bodies and lives. We have lost the art of appreciating and reading the stars as messengers from the god and goddess. Humanity has disconnected from its source
and consequently suffers emotionally, spiritually and physically.”

“Each person is born with a map – a soul map – that is his or her astrological chart. It is a map through the maze of life that shows the karma we need to balance our soul’s desire for a life that leads to enhanced soul growth. I simply read the map – illustrating where you have been and where you are going to make your journey through life less bumpy.” With this cook book Joan is combining her astrological knowledge with her lifelong love of cooking in her own inimitable way.

She is the author of the blog Karmic Astrology.

Her other book is Fortyish: Lessons For the Ages From a Baby Boomer.

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