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Host: Anthony And Amanda Bennie

Fun and fearless pet radio is here! If you love pets, take a walk on the wild side with “Bennie and the Pets.” Hosts Anthony and Amanda Bennie are natural and holistic pet care business insiders, and they’re ready to reveal secrets that the industry doesn’t want you to know. They’ll hook you up with the BEST options in food, treats, and gear for your pets, and will pull no punches when it comes to exposing the WORST. Guests will include thought leaders from all aspects of the animal world: writers, veterinarians, trainers, manufacturers, animal communicators, and the angels of pet rescue. Add a dash of adventurous humor and a little celebrity spice, and you’ve got the ingredients for a whole new breed of pet radio.

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Bennie And The Pets – Global Pet Expo 2015

Download Episode Global Pet Expo 2015 “Bark to Bark” Coverage! We bring you behind the scenes at this huge industry-only event. Guests and Features: (in order of appearance) Intro from Anthony and Amanda: What’s the Global Pet Expo all about? Day one: Bark Box Party live remote; special guest Melissa Seligmann, Bark Box buyer and […]

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Bennie And The Pets with Anthony and Amanda Bennie

Anthony Bennie, host and show creator, is an animal nutritionist, writer, radio host, and is the CEO and Founder of Clear Conscience Pet. He is also a musician, and songwriter. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, his life “went to the dogs” in the early 1990’s when Carly, his first puppy, began suffering from debilitating digestive illnesses. Frustrated by the lack of honest information being offered by those selling pet food, Anthony did his own research to learn what dogs and cats really should eat. He got hopelessly hooked on pet nutrition and helped build one of the biggest brands in the business along the way.

Anthony’s innovations in pet nutrition have led to TEN awards and honors for Clear Conscience Pet, making it the most award-winning brand in pet nutrition business history. His recent publications include “Joy and Nutrition for Pets,” Confessions of a Dog Food Salesman,” “The Top 10 Secrets of the Pet Food Industry,” “15 Resolutions for a Healthier Pet in 2015″ and a chapter in the book “In Dogs We Trust.”

Co-Host and Co-creator Amanda Bennie is a holistic pet care retailing pioneer and the Co-Founder of Clear Conscience Pet. Amanda was raised in Westchester County, New York, and started her career in pet care in the mid-nineties, at which time she managed what became one of the top grossing natural pet care retailers in the USA. Over the years, Amanda has counseled thousands on how best to feed and care for their animal companions more holistically for longer and more joyous lives. Amanda is the Chief Operating Officer of Clear Conscience Pet and in that capacity is one of the only female executives running the day-to-day manufacturing operations of a pet nutrition company in the USA.

Together, Anthony and Amanda are “Bennie and the Pets!” Their passion for pets, sense of humor, and adventurous outlook on life make this “pet-power Internet is already the future of radio, and WebTalk Radio is the radio station of your future. Get what you want, when you want it. Just click and listen. Find virtually anything that interests you – and if you don’t, email us at We’ll do our best to create a new show for the niche that drives your listening. Step into the future of Talk Radio.

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