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{tab=Show Details} HostGaynes in Consciousness is about personal enrichment with an angle: the angle is crap-free. You won”t hear about angels, numbers or guardian spirits and it isn”t about anything out there. It”s about what”s in here, in your seventh direction. It”s knowing that if you are looking for the hand of God anywhere but in the mirror you are looking in the wrong place. It”s about getting down to the point of all that, about taking personal responsibility for the world you live in, and best of all it”s about learning to make the right choices where the rubber meets the road in your daily life.

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Gaynes in Consciousness – Retrain Your Brain

Download Episode You are never too old to adapt and change, science proves it! Learn to create new patterns and to see the ones in you and around you. From the Big Island of Hawaii.

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Gaynes in Consciousness with David Gaynes

David Gaynes is a software developer, spiritual travel concierge and life mentor living on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Use the piercing observations and lessons contained in his book to find wisdom and power in your own life. If the express lane to personal growth and understanding is what you seek, this book was written for you. David lives on the Big Island of Hawaii with his wife Skyye, as they strive each day to practice Ho’opono pono (meaning “to make right the Path”) in their daily lives.

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