Ready For Love?

{tab=Show Details} HostBefore you consider whether your partner is Mr. or Ms. Right, take a look in the mirror. Are YOU ready for love? We each have our own unique “love print” – it is developed through past experiences, hopes, dreams and passions. Whether you’re single and looking – or involved in a relationship, you’ll find out how to be Ready for Love and begin your journey on the road to your ideal relationship.


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Ready For Love – Fun, Play and Toys in Your Relationship

Download Episode There is little doubt that most people have many things that need their attention in their everyday lives. Work, bills, family, children and so many other things make it so easy to let life crowd out all personal time with a partner. Whether you’re preparing for a relationship or are in a relationship, […]

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Ready For Love? with Nikki Leigh

Nikki Leigh had an enlightening and liberating personal experience during her Loveologist training. She uses this training along with her own experiences to help people – married or single – to improve the quality of their lives. Nikki grew up in a conservative home and is familiar with many of the issues from family, society and religion that can suppress our personal happiness in life and relationships. As a love coach aka relationship coach – she finds it very rewarding to help other people who face these issues and much more

• Learning to love yourself and accept yourself as you are
• Learning to get in touch with your sexuality and “feel comfortable in your own skin”
• Learning to deal with inhibitions, guilt, past traumas and/or self-esteem issues
• Helping men and women better understand their sexuality and how it affects their lives
• Work with individuals or couples, to build a solid foundation for a long term relationship.
• Work with couples to improve existing long term relationships

The building blocks of a solid relationship can include: learning to flirt (for new or established relationships), successful dating (for new or established relationships), learn to communicate effectively, develop a real intimacy with your partner, the art of kissing, understand and develop a lasting love, learn the skills and emotions of stimulating foreplay, how to enrich your life as a couple and much more.

Nikki Leigh is a Certified Master Sexpert and a Certified Love Coach – also known as a Relationship Coach. She received extensive training through Loveology University and with Dr Ava Cadell, PhD, founder of Loveology University. Nikki is an Award Winning and Best Selling author of 13 books, a Social Media Publicist, Founder of Promo 101 Promotional Services and founder of Love Prints Relationship Coaching. Nikki brings extensive writing and communications experience to her coaching clients along with continuing to learn more about all facets of relationships, love and sex.

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