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Host: Mick Hawes

Remember the feeling of hope and promise that the future held when you started your own business? Before the frustration of employee relations, missed orders and tedious tasks – you had a vision. Join us to unpack the most problems small businesses face, and learn how to break them down with step-by-step answers and solutions. Yes! It is work – but it can be fun and it must be profitable. Small Business: Smart Solutions will help you roll back the clock and reignite your entrepreneurial spirit.

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Small Business: Smart Solutions – Got Procedures?

Download Episode Franchise “style” businesses have a success rate of around 75%  Compared to 10% for your standard garden variety business! There’s is a simple reason. What does the Franchise business have that just about every other business doesn’t? I also revisit Mike Michalowicz and the most impactful and talked about “procedure” for smashing profit […]

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Small Business: Smart Solutions with Mick Hawes

Mick Hawes is the co-founder of, a dynamic business designed to help the small business owner find the massive amounts of profits that are largely untapped in nearly every small business.

Mick has worked with organizations of every size and sector, from the multi-billion dollar corporations like American Express and Phillips through to the solo entrepreneur, and everything in between.

Mick has also been requested to work with many top Australian athletes and teams such as the Tasmanian and Victorian Sheffield Shield squads and many of the countries’ top tennis players including Australia’s No. 1 female player Samantha Stosur.

Over the last 20 plus years, Mick has gathered enormous amounts of experience, valuable resources, tools and templates to help the small business owner break free of the prison most small business owners find themselves trapped by in their businesses, to enjoy the time and finical freedom every business owner dreamed of when they started, but very rarely achieve., established by Mick Hawes and Julie Cassar, is constantly evolving to stay at the leading edge of technology, marketing, people management and business mentoring strategy to ensure its members are getting the most up to date support possible.
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