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Host: Conrad Hall

Every local business owner knows far more about social media than the so-called experts want you to believe. Social media is as simple as having a conversation with your customers and offers resources you won’t even find using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Listen to the Social Media Un-Expert, as he unveils your options. You’ll soon see how to turn social media into a lead generation machine and into new profits.

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Social Media: Cheap and Easy – Social Media Politics, Agencies Admit Failure, Yahoo For Sale

Download Episode Social media is used in Egypt to change the government, and in Mexico to keep people safe. But in the U.S. it’s being used by politicians to bicker and throw mud. Is it just me, or does this seem incredibly out of whack? As politicians of all stripes follow Barack Obama’s precedent setting […]

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Social Media: Cheap and Easy with Conrad Hall

Conrad Hall is a master carpenter and retired field engineer.

In October 2007, he retired from a career filled with successes:

  • a residential renovations business advertised solely by referral (“customer evangelism” in today’s vocabulary)
  • working almost exclusively in the demanding niche of fixing what other contractors had done poorly
  • advancing to the position of Field Engineer in high-rise construction without holding a formal engineering degree
  • employed by the premier residential high-rise construction company in Ontario, Canada

Conrad retired from construction to pursue a simple career as a freelance copywriter. His skills as a communicator, teacher and marketer have made that simple career blossom into:

  • publishing 4 business how-to titles in 16 months
  • becoming an international speaker and small business mentor
  • developing a client list that includes March of Dimes Canada, American Writers and Artists Inc., and the Ontario General Contractors Association
  • hosting the nationally syndicated radio show…Social Media – Cheap and Easy

Today, all of Conrad’s efforts are focused on helping his fellow business owners make their marketing strategy effective and profitable. That’s why Conrad is working to show small business owners their real options and what they can really do with social media marketing on a local level.

His entire focus is working with small and medium size businesses to maximize their return on investment in traditional, online and social media marketing channels.

In 2008, Conrad saw the need for a clear, easy to read and understand social media guide for business owners. He has spent the last two years making that guide a reality: Friends, Followers and Customer Evangelists: The Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media is his 5th business title.

Join Conrad each week as he clears away the mysteries of social media marketing. Listen in as he and his guests discuss what is working, what’s not, and how to apply it to your small business.

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