The Naked Lawyer

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Host: Michael Carroll

Attention all Lawyers! Don’t get caught “Naked” without the properly written Professional Liability, Office Business Insurance, and Workers Comp Insurance you need to protect yourself. Best case, you could find yourself in a badly embarrassing situation; worst, you might be looking at financial ruin.
This engaging, entertaining and fundamentally crucial-to-your-business web TV show will help you and your firm get “covered up” with good insurance.

To create even more value, Michael invites Lawyers with a variety of expertise to join him on the show. Some are just like you; some specialize in coaching lawyers to success. Join the conversation, and he’ll help you develop the Law Practice of your dreams!

Michael’s business, Insuring Lawyer, earned a Top 6 Performer nationally as recognized by the Independent Insurance Agents Association and is considered the leading national expert for Lawyers for Professional Liability, Office Business Insurance and Workers Comp in this massively underserved marketplace where most Lawyers are very poorly protected.

Watch it now to cover your “ass” plus develop the practice of your dreams!

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The Naked Lawyer with Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll was born in Bangor, Maine. His family moved to Toledo, Ohio, when he was a small child and there he still resides with his bride of over 20 years, Cheryl (Sisinyak) Carroll, and four children, Catie, Patrick, Keandre, and Joey.

Michael has spent the last twenty-seven years protecting Lawyers and Law Firms. He is considered a specialist in his field of insurance and one can quickly sense his passion for the service he provides and the message he has to share with Lawyers and Law Firms all around the country.

In September, 2014, the Carroll Insurance Group LLC and its subsidiary, Insuring Lawyer, was selected as a Best Practices Agency Top Performer ranking as one of the Top 6 Insurance Brokers nationally out of 37,500 as recognized by the Independent Insurance Agents Association. This is the equivalent to being in the top-five college football program, year in and year out or like being a perennial Super Bowl contender.

Insuring Lawyer has offices in Maumee, Ohio, which is a suburb of Toledo, and in Phoenix, Arizona. Michael loves attending sporting events and travels all over the country — he loves to travel —to also meet many of his favorite people – lawyers just like you!

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