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Host: Robert Margetic

How will you spend the rest of your life? More than 70% of Americans say that they are not prepared for retirement life. Join us on The New Retirement for tips and strategies that will help you create your unique retirement picture. Like any journey reaching your retirement destination is a trip that requires planning. We’ll talk about how to reach your goals in terms of location, proximity to family and other essential elements that will ensure a happy and healthy retirement!

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The New Retirement – Risk on, Risk Off

Download Episode One challenge in managing your money is to balance the right amount of risk in achieving your goals. Take little or no investment risk an you will have to save a lot more money to achieve your savings goal. Take too much, and you may lose principal. Generally, you can take more risk […]

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The New Retirement with Robert Margetic

Robert Margetic, MBA, ChFC, CLU has been advising clients for over twenty-five years in all aspects of retirement and financial planning. He serves as a consultant on advanced planning strategies to attorneys, accounts and other financial advisors. He is founder and president of Redwood Financial Advisors Inc, a registered investment advisor and is co-founder of Wealthnet, a national trust administration company. He is the author of ‘How to Survive the Coming Retirement Storm; A Five Step Process for Success in Volatile Times’. He frequently writes and blogs on issues facing the new retirement.

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