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Download Episode We typically improve our energy system by clearing emotional blocks and work from the outside-in but there’s a way you can experience change right down to your cellular structure. Linda Backes, of A Radiant Light (, explains how the Light Body Activation realigns you with the cosmic energies shifting on the planet now.

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The Spirit Connection with Lea M. Hill

Lea is a practicing intuitive medium who connects with deceased loved ones, angels, and others to relay messages that help people heal themselves on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. In addition, Lea communicates with people who have something to say, but have limited or no ability to speak for themselves. She has a deep affinity for people on the autism spectrum and is highly in tune with them.

Lea is the author of the forthcoming book, The Society of Sylphs, a fictional story about ethereal beings called ‘sylphs’ and a young boy with autism. She also hosts the Sylph Society website, a place for kids to showcase their artistic & writing talents.

A master level Reiki practitioner and a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner©, Lea holds BS and MBA degrees from Northeastern University.

Please visit for more information about Lea’s intuitive readings.

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  • The Spirit Connection – CHANGE RIGHT DOWN TO YOUR DNA We typically improve our energy system by clearing emotional blocks and work from the outside-in but there’s a way you can experience change right down to your cellular structure. Linda Backes, of A Radiant Light (, explains how the Light Body Activation realigns you with the cosmic energies shifting on the planet now.
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  • The Spirit Connection – CLEAR NEGATIVE SUBCONSCIOUS PATTERNS Learn how to identify and clear beliefs, behaviors, and negative emotions that hold you back from achieving your goals. Bobbie Martin of discusses Resonance Repatterning, a process that brings you greater balance, harmony, and alignment with your goals. This process is validated with Quantum Physics research!
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  • The Spirit Connection – HOW TO CLEAR ENERGY Clearing energy in your home or office and your personal energy field is one of the most important things you can do to think clearly, feel refreshed, and be more effective. Kim Pentecost, intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and business coach of explains the importance of clearing energy and offers quick and easy ways to clear!
  • The Spirit Connection – TRANSFORM EMOTIONAL CONDITIONING Learn how you can reclaim your emotional freedom, heal your physical body, and awaken Spirit within. Gayle Gorfinkle of Sunshine Intuitive and Holistic Healing ( explains Vortex Healing and how it’s different from other energetic modalities. My own experience receiving Vortex Healing was transformational and very powerful!
  • The Spirit Connection – YOUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD No matter how many times you’ve prayed and wondered if anyone was listening, this show will offer you the reassurance you need. Jeff Ferrannini, of Planetary Spirit internet radio program (, tells of the fascinating guests he’s had on the show and offers tips for us to connect with Divine energy and spread spiritual awareness.
  • The Spirit Connection – DOWSING FOR ANSWERS Neri Donalds, President of the RI Chapter of the American Dowsing Society ( discusses ways to use this ancient form of divination to find water, lost objects, and obtain answers to many questions in your life. You’ll learn the tools to use for dowsing and the three most important questions to ask before using them.
  • The Spirit Connection – HEALING WITH THE AKASHIC RECORDS Learn how you can heal old patterns and thoughts that no longer serve you and align with your soul’s purpose. Mona Wind of, a specially trained reader of the Akashic Records, is invited back on the show to explain what kinds of information we can get from an Akashic Record reading and how it ...
  • The Spirit Connection – THE GIFT OF SONG The incredible love/light energy of Kerri-Anne Leblang ( pours over you in this uplifting show. Kerri-Anne discusses the music she creates as a high vibrational acoustic soul singer/songwriter who has performed internationally at highly regarded venues such as the Agape Spiritual Center and for troops in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
  • The Spirit Connection – DREAMS AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Learn how to use the Law of Attraction and your dreams to identify blocks to your growth and create the life you want. Cathleen O’Connor of shares how to interpret your dreams and offers tips to use your dreams to attract success, prosperity, and love.
  • The Spirit Connection – BEING A PSYCHIC/INTUITIVE MEDIUM This show is all about me! In this episode, I answer all the basic questions I am often asked, such as: How do you get information from Spirit? What’s the difference between psychic and intuitive? What is your connection with autism and what do you do as an autism advocate? I also offer ...
  • The Spirit Connection – PRACTICAL CRYSTAL HEALING Want to attract more money? Get relief from cancer symptoms? Improve your sex life? Find out how to use crystals for these issues and more with Nicole Lanning of In this show, Nicole discusses practical ways to use crystals for healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • The Spirit Connection – ATLANTIS INSIGHTS What was the lost civilization of Atlantis and what happened to it? Listen to this show and hear from Shirley Andrews of who has spent several years studying the scientific and spiritual implications of this mysterious culture. Shirley discusses evidence of Atlantis and why it’s important for us to learn about Atlantean civilization today
  • The Spirit Connection – ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Whether your pet has fur, feathers, or fins you won’t want to miss this show! Joan Ranquet of, author and animal communicator talks about how she communicates with animals telepathically and what kinds of information they give. She also offers tips on how you can improve communication with your pet and other animals
  • The Spirit Connection – INTUITIVE PARENTING-PART 2 Listen to Part 2 of this very hot topic! Debra Snyder, PhD, of, explains ways to bring your family together and improve communication with all your relationships . Dr. Snyder offers insights on skepticism and discusses how fathers play an important role in intuitive parenting.
  • The Spirit Connection – INTUITIVE PARENTING Every parent who wants to improve communication with their children should listen to this show! Debra Snyder, PhD, of discusses the energy of the parent-child connection and explains how you can use the wisdom of your heart to communicate telepathically whether you have a special needs child or not. It’s easier than you think!
  • The Spirit Connection – CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH If you’ve been trying to manifest your desires and haven’t experienced success, you may not have followed the complete process to live your dreams. Listen to Karen Paolino of explain the 4 steps to create your own heaven on earth. She explains each step and offers tips so your life can be better than ...
  • The Spirit Connection – THE HEALING POWER OF COLOR The effects of color on our emotions and well being can be powerful or subtle. Knowing which colors to use and why can be important not only for our life experiences, but also for our emotional healing and growth. Elizabeth Harper of offers tips and guidance for using color in our daily lives.
  • The Spirit Connection – ASTROLOGY FOR EVERYONE Ever wonder why the accuracy of newspaper horoscopes seem like hit or miss? Or why someone who was born on the same day as you has a very different personality? Listen to Hazel Dixon-Cooper of answer these questions and explain what astrology is and how it can work for you and others in your ...
  • The Spirit Connection – IT’S ALL IN THE NUMBERS! You don’t need to be a math expert to understand Numerology and make it work for you. Listen to Kari Samuels of explain how this simple and highly effective practice can help you understand your life purpose, make better decisions, and prepare for the days/months/year ahead.
  • The Spirit Connection – THE NEW SPIRITUAL CHILDREN: DO YOU KNOW ONE? This show is for every parent, grandparent, or friend of someone with a child under age 30. Linda Backes, of explains who these spiritual children are and the amazing abilities they innately have. You will learn to identify Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, and what to do if this describes your own child.
  • The Spirit Connection – HYPNOSIS AND HEALING Whether you’ve tried hypnosis or think it’s just mind control, this show will enlighten you with the little-known spiritual side of hypnosis. Certified hypnotist, Trudy Beers of addresses the common fears and misconceptions of hypnosis and explains how she works from a spiritual perspective to changes lives.
  • The Spirit Connection – RECEIVING SPIRITUAL MESSAGES Two special guests share their process for receiving spiritual messages from Angels, Ascended Masters, and Guides. Cheryl Davey, Spiritual/Intuitive Communicator of and Helene Olsen, Psychic Medium of, offer tips on how you can receive guidance and encouragement for you and your loved ones!
  • The Spirit Connection – 2012 AND THE “SHIFT” The energy of the planet is changing rapidly and is affecting you whether you realize it or not. Listen to Jim Self of explain the “shift” and the dimensional changes that are occurring. Jim offers valuable tools and techniques to help you navigate dimensional changes now, and up to 2012…and beyond!
  • The Spirit Connection – HEALING WITH LIFE FORCE ENERGY Traditional treatments for illness and emotional issues typically involve many uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, circumstances. Listen to William Lee Rand of explain how Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) can work WITH clinical treatments and many other areas to reduce stress and promote healing using life force energy.
  • The Spirit Connection – THE SPIRIT OF AUTISM You’ve heard the scientific debates over the possible causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but you probably haven’t heard the spiritual side. William Stillman ( explains why it’s critical for us to understand differences and similarities among us and offers ways for us to renew our connection to “demystify autism from the inside out”.
  • The Spirit Connection – HOW TO THRIVE IN CHANGING TIMES Pollution on the earth and in our bodies disconnects us from the ability to see what’s best for the planet and ourselves. Sandra Ingerman of teaches spiritual practices we can all engage in to create true health, wealth, peace and joy for the earth and our lives. Learn how we can thrive together in ...
  • The Spirit Connection – DISCOVER YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER It’s one thing to let go of our past struggles, but quite another thing to actually transfigure our energetic blocks into love and light. Gary Springfield of explains how the energy fields around our bodies tell us we’re not living up to our full potential. His teachings will lead you to your true spiritual power!
  • The Spirit Connection – CLEAR THE PAST, CLEAR YOUR PATH Transform those lifelong issues of struggle and pain into clear, positive paths of self-growth. Jean Adrienne, of, shares how the InnerSpeak process clears blocks from previous lifetimes to finally free yourself from those painful and confusing issues that have plagued you throughout your life. Celebrate your Soul Adventure!
  • The Spirit Connection – FREE YOURSELF FROM PAIN No matter how severe your physical or emotional pain is, you CAN find relief! Linda Leith, of and founder of the Q Technique, offers easy, practical tips to eliminate pain and take control your own health. Results can be instantaneous! Don’t miss this important show that can reverse your “dis-ease” and change your life ...
  • The Spirit Connection – LOVE YOUR HUMAN DESIGN Learn to love yourself in a whole new way! Peter Roe of explains how understanding your unique Human Design can help you make better decisions and respond to life challenges with renewed self-acceptance. You’ll learn how you can accomplish more in less time without feeling drained and battered from “pushing against the tide”.
  • The Spirit Connection – YOU AND THE AKASHIC RECORDS Want to know why you’re struggling with certain health issues or why you’re stuck in negative patterns of behavior? Listen to find out how you can access the Akashic records to answer these questions and more. Mona Wind of tells how you can heal issues from this lifetime and previous lifetimes so you can ...
  • The Spirit Connection – COULD YOU BE PSYCHIC? Do you ever wonder if you’re psychic? Have you ever sensed a spirit around you or had a premonition that later proved to be true? Helene Olsen says everyone is psychic and can develop intuitive skills that lead to inner peace and confidence. Learn what it’s like to be psychic and ways to get started ...