Things My Mom Taught Me

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Host: Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me are the simple lessons all our mothers teach us when we are young. We all hear many of the same ones, “don’t lie”, “ask politely” and “treat everyone the same”. These lessons apply to today’s changing world every bit as much as when our mothers learned them. You’ll hear how industry leaders employed these rules for life to manifest their dreams. Join us week for a refresher of the basics!

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Things My Mom Taught Me – Never Lie with Jim Momper

Download Episode Jim is one of the most successful salesman you will ever meet. He started with nothing and has built his company in excess of $100,000,000 in sales. He is Founder and Chairman of BP Enterprises. What makes Jim successful is the lessons he learned from his mother and when he tells his story […]

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Things My Mom Taught Me with Eugene Quinn

Eugene Quinn was born in 1951. He was educated at the University of Cincinnati, and played on the golf team in 1973. Eugene started his career with Este Oil Company in 1975 over seeing the retail outlets in the Cincinnati area. Using the simple lessons he learned as a youngster Eugene was promoted to regional director of outlets in 1977 and later overseeing all operations of the company.

In 1982 Eugene changed careers entering the California Culinary Academy to become a professional chef. He worked as executive chef in various restaurants around the country making a name for himself by applying the simple rules of his mother. In 1997 he started his career in telecommunications working for a distributor of Ameritech US Network, in Ohio.

In 2001 he started The Advisory Group based on the core fundamentals learned from Mom. The Advisory Group provides consulting data and voice communications for medical groups across the U.S. Eugene is CEO and oversees the sales development of the company today.

Eugene has synthesized these basic tenants his mother shared in his popular book, “Moms are the CEO’s of Life”, that was published in 2009. He resides in San Antonio, Texas with his wife of 27 years, and his two cats Phoebe and Squeaky.

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