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Host: Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

What is really happening in classrooms across the country? Our nation’s educational system is in shambles. The evolution of education in America has been a process, but by learning from the past we can more compassionately shape the future. We need not give up hope; there is a new model that will work to address the needs of every child. Join Rosanna Pittella as her expert guests discuss ways to close the learning gap between those that are privileged and those that are not.

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Voice of American Education with Rosanna Pittella PhD

Rosanna Pittella, MA, PhD, ethicist and senior program manager, has invested much of her life studying and resolving complicated organizational problems. Dr. Pittella, a process specialist, has built a reputation as one who delivers practical solutions, that she freely admits are unearthed and developed with the help from the unrecognized experts in American industry, those on the ground, the voiceless staffs of the corporations she serves. The application of this methodology is at the heart of the One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education, that is, to document and amplify the voices of the true experts in academia, the educators themselves.

In recent years, Dr. Pittella, based on studies of Piaget, Kohlberg, and Gilligan, developed a unique theory of integration of ethics language and concepts with standard pedagogy that has been published, and is the focus of her presentations to regional, national, and international audiences. Now, Dr. Pittella’s burning desire is with the help of educators to develop a model for American schools that will finally address the differences and needs of children at varying socioeconomic levels, scaffolding each one to his or her greatest potential as contributing citizens of the United States and the world. This critical child-centric mission will not only close the achievement gap between children at all levels of society, but in doing so will renew the faith and respect of the world with its eyes upon this country, to take its rightful place once again as a leader in education, science, industry, and ethics that it once so firmly held.

Dr. Pittella’s most recent publication, How Deconstructing the American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream,released in January 2012, chronicles the history and evolution of American Education and provides a school model and design that will address the needs of every child, and scaffold him or her to the American Dream.

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