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Jerry V. Teplitz JD, Ph.D.

Healthy Alternatives – IT’S CRAZY OUT THERE, DO YOU HAVE A PLAN B?

Join me and my guest, Kathleen Rich-New, as we talk about the uncertainty our there and how you need to develop your own Plan B so you can transititon into what you really want to be doing. You’ll learn how you can go about developing your Plan B and you’ll get real advice from Kathleen that you can begin to use immediately in your life.

Also, check out Kathleen’s website for her new book and for a special gift for listeners to this interview –

Kathleen Rich-New spent 25 years in human resources working for high tech companies including Apple Computer, Nortel and Silicon Graphics. She has a BS, MBA in Marketing and a Masters in International Human Resources. Kathleen has founded Clarity Works Consulting and The Execitive Woman’s Coach. She’s a columnist and co-author of Looking for the Good Stuff…a guide to enjoying and appreciating life, which PBS bought for their employees. Her latest book is You Always Need a Plan B: The Real Deal Guide to Jump Starting Your Next Career! You’re not going to want to miss this one!