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Football Ranters – “The Ranties”

Roll out the red carpet and cue the wrap up music, it’s time for the 1st Annual Ranties Awards! The 2012 NFL Draft is in the books, but now find out who is taking home the real prize: a completely imaginary and in no way tangible award based on the subjective opinion of a couple guys who talk about football on the radio! (Note: that gives us exactly as much credibility as everyone else throwing around arbitrary draft grades.) From the biggest reach to the worst hug to the best all around draft, we’ll bestow these much sought after awards upon their deserving winners. Plus, don’t miss the latest editions of BUSTED, Incomplete Headlines and Football 101. Oh, and our own edition of arbitrary draft grades will be published on later in the week. Just 3 months until the Hall of Fame Game, Lunatics.