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Parenting With Playdate Planet

Meryl Neiman

Parenting With Playdate Planet – How to Help a Child Deal With Grief, Loss, and Worries

It would be wonderful if we could eradicate unhappiness and worries from our children’s lives, but unfortunately none of us has that magic power. Instead, we have to help our kids through life’s painful moments the best we can. In this show, I speak with Susan Weaver. certified grief recovery specialist, and the author of a wonderful series of workbooks designed to help children coping with the loss of a pet, the loss of a loved one, the deployment of a loved one, or worries. Join me as we explore the six myths of grieving, and how best to help your child navigate difficult times. We all will face some bumps in the road so don’t miss this very special show.

If you want further information or to purchase a workbook for your child or someone else’s, you can visit Susan’s resource site, Rainbow Reach. She also hosts Rainbow Roar, a beautiful blog where children can post writings or art work in honor of their lost loved ones or as an expression of their grief.

Children’s Grief Awareness Day takes place this year on November 15. It’s a special day intended to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children.