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Ripley Radio – Witch Doctors, Alien Hands & 7 Billion People

TV adventurer, author, actor and world traveler Piers Gibbon stops by Ripley Radio this week and tells us about his latest National Geographic Channel show, The Witch Doctor Will See You Now! , Jodi Pliszka explains what the “Alien Hands” syndrome is all about and provides a few very graphic bizarre examples of what can happen if you have this affliction.
Also on the December 25 episode of Ripley Radio, the official broadcast partner of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!: Return Intern Abby reports that the 7 billionth human on Planet Earth was born on Halloween, a year ago in the Philippines; Chris Epting reports on a booth in Pete’s Tavern in Lower Manhattan where O. Henry sat while writing the Gift of the Magi in 1906; We hear that the Sugar Plum Fairy of St. Charles, Mo., was fired just before Christmas and learn of the “Save the Sugar Plum Fairy” groups that have sprung up in an attempt to get her coveted job back; and Edward the archivist relates how bizarre it was spending the day in Thailand, with three “unusual and unbelievable” people- the Scorpion Girl, the Centipede Boy, and the Wolf Child.
We go traditional country this week for our holiday musical egress. Carlene Carter teams up with Daron Norwood for their version of the Working Elf Blues.