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Doc Holliday


Doc hosts a truly special Christmas show that includes a tribute to the victims and their families and friends of Newtown, Connecticut. Doc speaks as a radio host, a father of four, and as a grieving American. Music clips from Saturday Night Lives’s children choir’s tribute to the Newtown victims, the Beach Boys, and more. Doc Holliday uses this week’s Christmas special to speak to all Americans of all religious backgrounds as he incorporates a tribute to the people of Newtown in a new telling of the story of the wise men and their journey to see the baby Jesus. Did the wise men come from modern day Iraq or Iran? Listen to Doc’s story of the Wise men unlike you have ever heard it before as he relates how America is on a journey just as the wise men were. Share this journey with others as every American, each and everyone of us, make this journey through the grief of the senseless mass murders in Connecticut during this holiday season of joy. Lamentations and joy, how can they both be? Listen now to a show of peace in a time of fear and hurting— a story you can only hear on Doc Holliday’s Rock