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Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You™ – Sacred Geometry: Energetic Template of Matter & Reality

Join host Carol Romine and her guest, research scientist Dan Willis, as they discuss the nature of sacred geometry in relationship to the structure of matter and the ability to release discordant energetic patterns (subconscious emotional blocks and physically manifested disease) through the coherence of thought and the energetic intention of divine love. Dan will discuss his scientific background as Dr. Marcel Vogel’s research assistant, and his personal energetic interaction with an interdimensional being who revealed the sacred geometric structure of all matter, triggering Dan’s life-long scientific quest to understand the energetic relationship of sacred geometry to consciousness and the structure of matter. Dan will share the science behind the interrelationship of consciousness to the geometric patterns found in all of nature—revealing that the structure of water is universally resonate with everything in nature … including the human body. You’ll learn that through the crystalline nature and structure of the pineal gland we are always structuring and restructuring ourselves and our realities through our thoughts. You’ll gain insight into why coherence is the key to disintegrating discordant patterns and restructuring matter. Dr. Marcel Vogel believed that “Love is the glue of the universe”—and he was absolutely correct. The vibration of love is the energetic nature of everything, and the conscious intention of divine love acts as the conduit through which body, mind, and spirit comes into harmonious energetic alignment. Join host Carol Romine and Dan Willis in this thought provoking show that is sure to trigger an awakening in your mind and a desire to learn more about the true energetic nature of everything … as revealed in Carol Romine’s book, “Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny.”