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Awakening The Divine Conscious You™

Carol Romine

Awakening The Divine Conscious You – The Pioneering Genius of Dr. Marcel Vogel … A Mystical Scientist Ahead of His Time

Do you believe that thoughts are energy and have the power to impact every aspect of your life? Have you ever wondered why conscious intention is able to affect matter? Today’s show will reveal the scientific discoveries of Dr. Marcel Vogel, proving that conscious intention affects matter. Over 30 years ago, Dr. Marcel Vogel, head research scientist at IBM and a brilliant inventor with over 100 patents, scientifically proved the profound truth that conscious intention affects matter and that the power of conscious intention is not limited by time or space. Dr. Vogel’s initial discovery, which he referred to as the “squiggle” that changed everything, opened a path of scientific study that he would pursue for the rest of his life. Join host Carol Romine and her guest Dan Willis, a close personal friend and research assistant of Dr. Vogel, as they discuss some of the extraordinary scientific discoveries of this pioneering genius who was years ahead of his time. You’ll gain a new perspective on just how powerful and life changing your own conscious intentions can be. You’ll discover that before Dr. Emoto Masaru was studying the affect of conscious intentions on water crystals, Dr. Vogel was pioneering this work through utilizing Vogel Crystals to store, amplify, transfer, and cohere conscious intention into water. You’ll learn about Dr. Vogel’s ground-breaking scientific studies in association with Medical Doctors, documenting the ability of Vogel Crystals to remove discordant energetic patterns from the human body. There is no doubt that Dr. Vogel is one of our greatest scientists and inventors, but his pioneering work in the area of consciousness and intention in relationship to matter and healing will prove to be a legacy that will pass the test of time and endear him to humanity.