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Surviving the Credit Crisis

Karen Simpson-Hankins,CTACC

Surviving the Credit Crisis – The Mystery and Myths of Credit Reports

You’re sitting across the desk from a lender and they’re about to pull a credit report. You find yourself beginning to sweat as you wait for the number that may change your life!

It’s your credit score! You ask yourself, “Do I even know what’s on my credit report?” Will it be good news or bad news? And…what’s even more concerning, it seems like every creditor has their own definition of what they consider “good vs. bad” credit, so how are you supposed to know?

The first step in becoming an educated, savvy mortgage or credit shopper is to know your credit rating or score! A lot of times, people end up getting turned down for credit or paying a higher interest rate than needed, because they didn’t do their homework and find out exactly what their credit history looks like.

But, what actually promotes healthy credit? No one has ever really taught us the fact that…understanding credit and debt management can make life so much easier, especially when you’re proactive. Managing your personal credit and finances does not happen overnight, but is an ongoing practice throughout your lifetime.

A low credit score does not have to be the death of your dream and…I can help!

Join us today as my guest, Heather Battison, Senior Director of consumer education for the credit reporting agency, TransUnion, and I discuss “The Mystery and Myths of Credit Reports.” Learn the 5 basic steps to healthier credit, how to dispute errors on your report, what type of things affect your credit score, and much, much more.

When we’re finished you’re going to feel like you’ve just had coffee with a very good friend!