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Carly J. Cais

Creatively Chic – Knit-tastic Mochimochi Land and Inspiration Trove Kollabora.com

Think of the most adorable characters you can imagine – and then imagine them knitted into tiny expressions of joy. Anna Hrachovec is an expert knitter (and character designer!) and is going to share with you her story of how she created a thriving business of knitting patterns, books, and toys called Mochimochi Land – all with her unique stamp of cuteness. She’ll also share tips and tricks for your knitting projects (especially for tiny knits!) and how she expanded her creations into a business that now stocks yarn and sewing stores in over 18 states throughout the U.S., Canada, England, and France, as well as spawned 3 books of patterns including her bestselling Knitting Mochimochi. We also have a special spotlight interview today with Kollabora.com: an online source for projects, tutorials, and DIY kits and supplies. Knitters of all abilities and backgrounds will have a blast listening to this week’s show.