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Troubled Teens: THE FIX

Dr. John Mayer

Troubled Teens: THE FIX – Single Mom Terrorized by Jekyll and Hyde Teen

In this episode a single mom details her story of her beautiful, loving, happy little boy growing into a monster in his teen years with no apparent cause. After an experiencing what many would consider an ideal childhood, maybe too indulged, spoiled, her son develops rages when she tries to place any restrictions on him, direct him or in any way interfere with his life. He begins to push her, then grab her and his outbursts deteriorate into hours long episodes of vile, hurtful language, spitting, damaging property where he manipulated her into being trapped in her own house. These conditions go on for years until her son is in his early adult years and she consults Dr.Mayer. Through these consults he comes up with a bold plan to end her turmoil that brings a solution that appears to be working. The solution will surprise you and can be a model for other parents who end up with a young adult living at home, unmotivated, dominant, entitled, and often abusive like this teen/adult.

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