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Join me and my guest, Julie Hill, as we talk about the Lost Boys and Girls of The Sudan and their amazing journey from total chaos, death and destruction to a new life and promise (

Julie Hill ran across a couple of the Lost Boys when they had come from Africa to the United States. This experience changed her life and has changed the lives of the Lost Boys in the Norfolk area and the lives of their relatives back in Africa. From her experience with the Lost Boys she began a humanitarian organization called Outreach Africa: Lost Boys Foundation. The purpose of this organization is to take every dollar it receives and use it to help the lives of the Lost Boys and Girls in Norfolk and to help their relatives back in Africa receive an education. So far through individual sponsors they have helped over 50 students graduate from High School in Kenya and Uganda and they are helping 140 more students receive an education.

This is a story that will touch your heart and soul as you understand the experiences of the Lost Boys and Girls and how their value system that has allowed them to take the crushing blows that life has brought and to still move forward to succeed. You’re not going to want to miss this one!