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Time Management Radio – Time Management Tips to Optimize your Time and your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to meet and engage with business professionals and prospects. It’s also a search engine with 200 million members. And that’s where people go first to search, to find information about you, or to find someone who offers a specific business product or service.

In this world of constant distraction, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression, to stand out and to capture someone’s attention. If you want to be found on LinkedIn, just listing your resume isn’t good enough. You have to tell people what you do, how you’re unique and how you can provide a solution to meet their needs.

You have to describe yourself in the right way to optimize your linkedIn profile and make sure your name shows up when people search for what you do. Optimizing your linkedIn profile can take a lot of time and energy unless you know how to do it correctly.

My guest is Mark Lynch, owner of MDL Branding LLC who knows all about LinkedIn. Mark went from being invisible on LinkedIn 2 years ago to ranking # 9 on LinkedIn today with over 4,000 connections.

During our conversation, we discuss time management tips to optimize your time and your profile on LinkedIn to produce results fast. We also talk about:
• LinkedIn tips to stand out quickly
• Ways to get your linkedIn profile to the top of a search
• How to add special characters and color
• Ways to grow your network and connect with others effectively using LinkedIn marketing

Mark is a solo-preneur who helps individuals and executives “Stand Out” from the competition by optimizing their online presence using LinkedIn. In 2011, after experiencing several layoffs, Mark decided to take back control of his career & “Stand Out.” With only 30 connections, Mark committed to learning “LinkedIn” so he could be found, and help others along the way. By growing his visibility and brand, Mark has trained with and interviewed some of the top LinkedIn experts in the world. Today with over 4,000 connections, he is in high demand to help others optimize their personal and company brand.

Mark is giving a way a free e-book with LinkedIn Tips.
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