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Ripley Radio – Visiting Popeye’s Home Town & a Half-Blind Baseball Pitcher

One of the oldest cartoon characters in the world is Popeye the Sailor Man and this week we learn from Chad Lewis that Chester, Ill. lays claim as the hometown of the character and each year holds an off-beat picnic in his honor. Getting into the big leagues is tough for any player, but especially hard if you are half-blind. We hear the tale of one half-blind baseball pitcher who has a good shot at it this year – Believe It or Not!
Other Strange and Wonderfully Weird Stories We Captured for the March 25 Episode include: a homeless man talks with us this week on Ripley Radio, the official radio show of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and explains how a very expensive diamond ring ended up in his possession and why he returned it, even while the devil on his shoulder was telling him to keep it; Jodi Pliszka reports on a weird medical malady known as Fregoli, a condition that causes you to see the same person, no matter who you look at; Edward Meyer, Ripley’s archivist tells us about his newest purchase, a man-eating Bengal Tiger who killed more than 40 people during its life. Not only did Ripley’s get the taxidermied tiger, but also the human jewelry found inside its stomach when it was shot during the last century; and the cast of the Broadway show, American Idiot provides us with our musical egress this week with the Green Day song, Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

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