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Family Connections

Susan Kane-Ronning

Family Connections – Be Calm During Your Pregnancy and Create a Happy, Stress-free Child!

It is possible to be stress-free and pregnant and Dr. Linda Miles explains how on Family Connections. A psychologist specializing in pregnant women for over 30 years, Dr. Miles explains how a mother’s stress and anxiety can impact her baby up to 50 years later. She also describes how expectant moms and dads can become calm and mindful and improve the health of their baby. Learn how to bond with your baby in the womb, and what kind of books babies love to hear. Dr. Miles will talk about the positive effects of mindfulness before and after babies are born, and how it can help babies cope with anxiety and stress for years to come! Dr. MIles has created several CD’s titled TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR A PEACEFUL PREGNANCY AND CHILDBIRTH, which are available on her website.