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Leading Beyond the Status Quo

Al Gonzalez

Leading Beyond the Status Quo – 3 Filters for Employee Engagement

Studies show that around 80 percent of workers are not passionate about what they do. Gallup estimates that disengaged employees are costing our economy around $350 billion dollars a year! Some of our best talent is lying dormant in our workplace as employees doze through their days with little or no motivation to innovate.

Maya Mathias, author of How To Innovate: Unleash Your InnoMojo joins us this week to explore how leaders can apply three filters at work to inspire motivation and passion in their teams. Also, for a limited time, Maya is offering, at no charge, her new report, Make it CLICK: What every 21st Century global leader must do to win the game of business

Join us today to discover how to engage employees in the process of innovation and develop outstanding products for the global market place.