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Music: Backstage - Onstage - On The Record

Chris Epting

Music: Backstage – Onstage – On The Record – “Def Leppard’s Phil Collen & Peter Frampton”

In the premiere episode of “Music,” Chris Epting speaks with two world-renowned, virtuoso guitarists/musical artists. Phil Collen has been with Def Leppard for more than 30 years and he shares some telling insights on the band’s recent triumphant stint in Las Vegas – as well as how he envisions the future of the band. Yes, Phil is famous for his physique as well, but his playing has never been sharper and he is currently at the top of his performance game. Peter Frampton then discusses how he came to discover the talk box and how it helped shape the sound of his landmark effort, Frampton Comes Alive. Frampton also recounts the amazing tale of his famous lost guitar and then reveals how his name came up back in 1975 as a possible replacement for Mick Taylor in the Rolling Stones.