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Leading Beyond the Status Quo

Al Gonzalez

Leading Beyond the Status Quo – Using Appreciative Inquiry to Minimize Negativity

Have you ever heard the phrase:

People join organizations but leave managers?

Are you the type of manager people leave or the type of leader that people stay for and want to work with?

In today’s show, we will be exploring a model called Appreciative Inquiry that can help leaders approach difficult issues in a positive manner and inspire others instead of making them feel like they have a problem.

David Hain, Director Transformation Partners based in Cardigh, Wales, will join us to share some scary statistics about the declining level of trust in organizations around the world and how the Appreciative Inquiry model can be used as a way to develop trust and inspire others. David will also talk about how Frito Lay was able to lead through the challenges of the 2008 economic downturn by developing and leveraging trust.

As you may know, our schools and workplace cultures are plagued by bullying, negative bias and low employee engagement. Join us today to learn tools that can help you lead sustainable teams by caring about the triple bottom line, our people, our planet and our profit.