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The Book of Dad

Dr. Robert Benson

The Book of Dad – Daddy’s Not so Little Girl

Being a man and a father is not specific to the male; every man needs a woman. Women are where is all begins; there cannot be life without women. I wrote a piece earlier called “Mother All Over” , My Wife, My Mother and My Daughter – ALL MOTHERS. Even my Baby-Girl, a mother, teacher & mentor, founder of an organization to develop young females under her tutelage D.I.M.E.S! Today I hob-nob with my daughter, my lifelong Mentee, Erica Gause.

Erica Gause: Teacher, mother, and the founder of the female organization D.I.M.E.S., Inc. She taught sixth grade for ten years, and she will be beginning her 11th year teaching seventh grade where she will continue the recruitment of young girls into her organization. She is the mother of a seven-year-old Son David whom is full of energy and keeps her busy. In her spare time, she thoroughly enjoys exercising and aspires to be a fitness instructor. Her intent is to further pursue her goals and expand the organization in the big city of Atlanta by 2014.


D.I.M.E.S., Inc. (Daughters Inspired to Motivate, Evolve, & Succeed) is a female organization founded by Erica C. Gause on August 2, 2011. Her goal is to serve the community, refine young ladies, and promote academic achievement.


We pledge to respectfully serve our community with grace, elegance, and style.

Company Overview:

Its purpose it to refine young ladies between the ages of 11-17. The members will motivate others through doing different types of community service, evolve by participating in events that will contribute to their development into respectable young ladies, and succeed by taking the necessary actions required to maintain a 3.0 grade point average.


D.I.M.E.S.- Daughters Inspired to Motivate, Evolve, & Succeed

General Information:

Requirements for membership:
*Must be enrolled and consistently attending a school *Must be between the ages of 11-17 (However, mentors *18+* are needed!) *Must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A.