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Troubled Teens: THE FIX

Dr. John Mayer

Troubled Teens: THE FIX – School Screening for Mental Health Concerns

Dr. John Mayer tackles two issues in the news concerning teens. In the first he discusses the issue of school screenings for mental health. A shocking fact is that few schools around the country do even cursory screenings of students. Costs are often cited as why. Dr. Mayer shows how effective screening shouldn’t be cost prohibitive for your school and what you as a parent can do to make sure your school is screening teens for mental health issues. In the second half of this broadcast Dr. Mayer addresses the issue of ADHD and the selling of this diagnosis in the U.S. He quotes from an article in the New York Times by Alan Schwarz. The broadcast alerts us to many facts about this diagnosis and the use of medications to be mindful of.