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John Char, DDS, DHM, LMT, PhD

Holistic Wellness – WATER AS MEDICINE

Join Dr. Char plus two special guests, the “Water Wahine,” for this two part episode. During the first half of the show, Dr. Char and guests discuss the structure of water and how, if properly prepared, can have medicinal-like effects on the human body. Conversely, the trio goes on to explain why it’s important to understand the pH balance of the water you drink, and how deleterious health effects can materialize if your drinking water is too acidic or too alkaline. Further topics discussed include the pros and cons of different kinds of water, such as mineral water, carbonated water, municipal tap water, bottled water, and even ozone water. Part two of the show focuses further on the theme of “water as medicine,” with examples of how the opposite effect (water as poison) is observable throughout the United States. The discussion touches upon increasing childhood diabetes and obesity due to soda pop consumption, increasing chronic sports injuries among high school athletes, and the misconceptions behind the benefits of popular sports drinks, like Gatorade.