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Anne C. Graham

Solutions in Plain Sight – [GREAT BOOK and MORE] What Could You Accomplish if You Had a “Stop Doing” List?

Research suggests that less-successful companies often develop Strategic Plans containing 40-60 items, while highly successful companies limit themselves to 5-7 priorities. You won’t want to miss the provocative approach today’s guest shares that increases focus and accelerates your results.

Jim Alampi is the author of Great to Excellent; It’s the Execution!, the former CEO/Chairman of three public companies ranging in size from $325 million to $1.5 billion, and currently Managing Director and Founder of Alampi and Associates LLC. He is well-known to the C-level members of TEC/Vistage where he has been awarded Speaker of the Year honors.

We’ve both seen the difference when we’ve helped clients make the shift from a 40-item Strategic Plan to one that enhanced their ability to execute by focusing on “less is more”. However, the toughest challenge is to break bad habits and make that shift from “many” to “few”. Jim shares a great AHA! Moment that will have leaders at every level re-thinking their priorities, identifying what is actually holding them back rather than driving them forward, and replacing the overwhelm with focus.

Solutions in Plain Sight Radio is all about the AHA! Moments that move the needle in your business, and the ability to accelerate execution by focusing on less is essential to your success. Your next step? Listen, embed the “Stop Doing” list in your business practices, pick up a copy of Jim’s book, and find even more AHA’s with these free resources.

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