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Rock Splitting Politics – Is President Obama Good for America?

Doc Holliday welcomes his friend and African American pastor, Bishop Clarence Parks, to explain why he feels that President Obama has been good for America. This week’s show is not about debating, but listening to the heart of black America and why they have such loyalty to our nation’s first black president. As we learn to listen here at Rock Splitting Politics we want to be the voice of reason in helping this nation change the wrong course that we are now on. America faces many daunting challenges such as our $18 trillion in debt, our imploding healthcare system, and a world seeming to fall apart, but we will tackle the tough subjects here. Doc also gives a story coming out of the war between Hamas and Israel about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. And you will get an update on the bizarre Mississippi Republican primary for the U.S. Senate. Click on now for a show that talks about the Old Testament cry to sing a new song!