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Newt Gingrich

Breakout – Newt Interviews Congresswoman Ann Wagner, Sponsor of the SAVE Act

In this episode of the Breakout with Newt Gingrich podcast, Newt interviews
Congresswoman Ann Wagner. Congresswoman Wagner is the sponsor of the
Stop Advertising Victims of Exploitation, or SAVE Act. This bill will criminalize the
advertisement of innocent victims in order to stop the human trafficking that
occurs in the United States. 300,000 children are in danger of being forced into
underage prostitution in the United States, and according to the Department of
Justice, 75% of transactions involving underage girls are conducted through the
Internet. Advertising would now be included as a kind of conduct that constitutes
sex trafficking, and those who knowingly participate in this behavior will be subject
to harsher punishments. This is an enormously important piece of legislation that
will help protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

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