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Conversations About Divorce – Dividing Up Your Personal Assets – Is there a painless way?

At some stage in your divorce, unless you’re going to walk away from it all, you and your Soon-To-Be-Ex will have to go through your home and decide who gets what, and that can be a miserable process.
The experts will tell you to leave the emotions behind and approach this rationally, logically, but that’s almost impossible when everything you see triggers memories of past vacations and projects you’ve done together.
Even the thought of doing this can bring a sick feeling to your stomach. Inevitably there will be items that both you and your STBX will want and how are you’re going to resolve that when the two of you can barely have a conversation without it turning into a fight or tears.
Join me and my guest, Carrie Mitchell of TWS Home Inventory as we walk you through a step-by-step process you can follow to get this task done. You can also download Carrie’s free guide on How To Do A Home Inventory.
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