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Rock Splitting Politics – Why You Should Vote for Doc Holliday for Congress

May 12th is almost here and that is the day that the voters of the First Congressional District in Mississippi who choose to vote will decide who should represent them in the U.S. House of Representatives.  Doc Holliday makes his case of why he is the best candidate for the job!  Click on now because listeners around the country are tuning in to what a common sense constitutional conservative has to say.  Momentum is building, Doc’s message is resonating, supporters are hitting the neighborhoods, mailouts are being delivered, special radio ads are running and the televison ads are now building on the foundation that Doc Holliday and his team have created.  Yes, it is a quick race, but there is still time to contribute because all money given this week will be put into the air wars for television ads. You can still donate here.  Get out and vote if you live in the district and by all means get on the phone and call those who you know. A great show for all to listen to and share.  Like our page on  Facebook!