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The Janet Love Show – Discovering Unwavering Strength

Judy O’Beirn has spent the last seven years helping hundreds of authors become bestsellers in her role as president of Hasmark Services. after rising up from unimaginable losses in her own life, Ms. O’Beirn created this special book series with the intention of guiding others who’ve experienced loss to a peaceful place in their lives.

Judy shares her personal journey of discovering her “Unwavering Strength” through loss and tragedy and how that journey led her to write the book series “Unwavering Strength” which is now growing into volume three along with an “Unwavering Strength” Journal. It is a remarkable story of overcoming adversity and finding strength which all the co-authors share in common. The book offers a variety of stories each with a unique empowerment message. Join the show to learn how you too can find your “unwavering strength”!