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Money Uncensored – Goldilocks – The Ideal Financial Personality

It is time to revolutionize the way you think about your financial life, and have fun doing it!  Learn about money thoughts and behaviors through the eyes of my Fairytale Characters.  You will be introduced to the concept of a Financial Personality and also meet my ideal Financial Personality character, Goldilocks.  I will be sharing snippets of Goldilocks’ money story from her Financial Personality Book™.
In order to understand these concepts in a more concrete way, I have invited a real-life Goldilocks to tell her money story.  Cindy Cigoy is a retired school principal, mother of 4 and young grandma to 15.  Like all of us, she has had challenges in life but through her good money habits and determination, she is enjoying a financially stress-free retirement.
If you would like to find out your primary Financial Personalities, go to my website homepage http://www.LynnTorre.com.  You will find the link to the FREE QUIZ in the top right corner of the page.  Don’t be discouraged if Goldilocks is not one of your top four.  Your Financial Personality is not permanent and can be changed.