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Mind-Money Connection

Lynn Torre, CFP

Mind-Money Connection – Your Money Story

Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have money stories.  Think back to your childhood and how money was talked about and treated.  You might have been told many times over “We can’t afford it!” or worse yet “We are poor”.  You might have been told – “Money should never be talked about”.

Whatever money conversations or experiences we had as a child have had an enormous influence on our current money stories.  These may have been a positive or a negative influence, no matter your upbringing.

Join Patricia Crisafulli and I as we share our own childhood “money stories” and the impact these had on our own lives.  Tricia is a best selling author, writer and former business journalist.  With a passion for storytelling, she is the founder of the e-literary website.  You can find her books on Amazon.


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