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Alana Sheeren

Create Your Magical Life – The Magic of Eating Clean with Lisa Consiglio Ryan

It’s hard for life to seem magical when we’re exhausted and unhealthy. How we feel on a daily basis has a lot to do with how we fuel our bodies.  There tend to be a lot of “should’s” in the health world (and even some shaming) but author and health coach Lisa Consiglio Ryan brings a dose of common sense and a huge helping of kindness to her work. She talks about the realities of getting healthy, what it means to live a “clean life” and how to give your hard-working body a break with food-based detoxes.

Learn more about Lisa and her new book, Go Clean, Sexy You, at WholeHealthDesigns.com

Also featured in this show is Arnel McAtee, creator of the wholesome, organic and delicious gluten-free baking mixes from ArnelsOriginals.com