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Conversations About Divorce – The Secrets To Making New Year’s Resolutions That Work

For thousands of years, humans have been making New Year’s resolutions. Today, those resolutions are usually focused on some act of self-improvement. While that sounds positive and helpful, it’s estimated that 88 percent of people who set resolutions fail to keep them.
So if resolutions are such a good idea why are we so bad at keeping them. How should we set them and do we set ourselves up for success rather than failure.
Join Mandy and her guest, divorce coach and mediator, Tara Eisenhard as they reveal the secrets to making New Year’s resolutions that work.
Tara Eisenhard is the author of The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes and the blog Relative Evolutions. Tara is a daughter of cooperatively divorced parents as well as an ex-wife and former partner of a divorced dad.  From these life experiences came her beliefs that a marriage shouldn’t survive at the expense of its participants, and families should evolve, not dissolve, through the separation process.
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