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Create Your Magical Life – Loving Your Way to Your Ideal Body with Michelle Hastie

Do you have strict ideas about how your body should look? Do you catch sight of yourself in a mirror or shop window and feel frustrated, disappointed or ashamed? Have you tried every diet out there only to end up exactly where you started? Author and health coach Michelle Hastie is ready to help you heal your relationship with food, exercise and your body. The secret? Love.

Michelle talks about why diets don’t work and what does, the problem with the idea of physical “perfection” and how the person you are BEing is more important than what you’re DOing. Drawing on the wisdom from her new book, The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less, Michelle turns traditional weight loss wisdom on its head and helps you realize how magical your body is right now.

Learn more about Michelle at TotalBodyHealthSolutions.com

Find her book at Absolute Love Publishing or your favorite bookseller