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Alana Sheeren

Create Your Magical Life – Money Magic with Financial Therapist – Bari Tessler

How is your relationship with money? Is it abundant and easy, comfortable and safe, or fraught with worry, stress, and frustration? Being in right relationship with money is an essential key to living a magical life. But most of us aren’t 100% happy with our money situation, no matter how much we have in the bank.

Financial therapist and founder of The Art of Money, Bari Tessler, has helped thousands of men and women heal their money stories, set up systems that allow them to feel supported by money, and work toward a future where money fuels their big dreams. In this show, she offers insight into why money can be such a scary topic and gives tips and tools to help you create your own money magic.

Learn more about Bari at BariTessler.com

Also in this show, Liza Moiseeva of Globe In, a subscription service for curated artisan boxes from around the world, talks about the inspiration for the company and how providing a global market for their fair trade, handmade goods is making a difference to their artisans and their customers. Find them at GlobeIn.com