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Dr. Christina Hibbert

Motherhood – Overcoming Trauma in Motherhood: Tools for Dealing, Coping, & Healing

Motherhood is fraught with difficult, and often traumatic, experiences. From traumatic childbirth, to helping our children through trauma, to facing our own past and present pain, trauma requires understanding and the right kind of help in order to fully heal. Today, we are tackling this tough topic, sharing tools to help you, your children, and those you love, cope, deal with, and heal from trauma. I’m talking with trauma psychologist, Guy Macpherson, founder of The Trauma Therapist Project website and podcast series. He’s offering his best advice for how to understand trauma, how to get help, and what you can do as a family. If you need help from a trauma therapist, Guy recommends this link to find a certified therapist near you. And, be sure to listen to my interview with Guy on his Trauma Therapist podcast, for more on this topic, and visit my post, “Understanding and Coping with Loss and Trauma.”