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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – The Challenges Of Summer, Kids and Divorce

Even though  parts of the country are still getting snow, it’s not too early too early to be thinking about summer and that’s especially true if you are divorced and have kids. Making plans for your kids over the summer has the potential for many disagreements with your ex and those disagreements can sometimes be serious. They can sometimes mean returning to court and they can sometimes significantly restrict what you’d like to do.
Mandy is joined by family law attorney Valerie Jules McCarthy to discuss:
  • why communication and flexibility are key to summer plans
  • when you should be prepared to seek legal help
  • the difference that notification and approval can mean for out-of-state travel
  • why you can’t just enroll your child in the summer camps you want
  • why making assumptions about your ex could make things more difficult
Valerie Jules McCarthy is an attorney with the New Jersey law firm of Pashman Stein. You can follow their family law blog at
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