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Thriving Entrepreneur

Steve Kidd

Thriving Entrepreneur – Soar in Your Life and Business with Shevelle and Jennifer

1st Soar! Beyond the Heels of Adversity by Shevelle McPherson
Each of us has our own paths to take in life and we experience different bumps on the road that causes us to stumble and fall. It’s true that we cannot control or stop these things from happening, but we do have control on how we deal with them. Shevelle shares her personal story and how she was able to soar and overcome life’s adversities by simply igniting her 8 character traits.
2nd Marketing Guru, Jennifer Kem, shares powerful marketing tips that will transform your business to a whole new level.
* Persuasion and Influence
* Dips and Failures
* Importance of becoming a Master Marketer
* Mindset of a Marketer
* Marketing + Branding
* Patient Urgency
I won’t get into details! Tune in on Thriving Entrepreneur and I promise you, this episode is worth listening to!