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Mandy Walker

Conversations About Divorce – When Is The Right Time To File For Divorce?

Deciding when is the best time to file for divorce is a bit like Goldilocks and Three Bears. File too soon and you’ll be faced with having to meet a bunch of court imposed deadlines and making life changing decisions at the time when you’re least emotionally capable.
File too late and you could find yourself with no access to finances, assets that have disappeared and a spouse who has engineered the situation to their complete advantage.
The key is to file when the time is just right and figuring out when that is the topic of this episode’s conversation between Mandy and Larry Sarezky,  an experienced family law attorney and author, from Fairfield, Connecticut.
Larry’s recently published a book, Divorce, Simply Stated: How To Achieve More, Worry Less and Save Money In Your Divorce, is a easy to understand layman’s guide to the divorce process.
From Mandy’s and Larry’s conversation you’ll learn that the filing for divorce is not usually the next step after you’ve decided to divorce. The next step is preparing for divorce and you can find more practical tips on this in Mandy’s free eBook, Untangling From Your Spouse: How To Prepare For Divorce.