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Election Day Is Almost Here – Are You Ready?

FBI drama, Wikileaks revelations, corruption and collusion within our departments of government between Hillary Clinton’s campaign and government workers, leaves us to ask the question, are you ready for this election? Doc Holliday is using this special election week show to motivate you in every way possible to be be a part of history by not just voting but getting out there and rounding up votes for the candidate who is not under FBI investigation. Doc has a new video out that you can see and share right here that has his revised poem about crooked Hillary. What about battleground states? What do you need to do? Listen to this week’s special show and hear clips from Donald Trump, special musical features from the Internet about Trump and Clinton, and get ready to rumble! Visit and like our new updated Facebook page. Join Doc Holliday and get out there and make history! Vote and bring every Trump supporter you can find to the polls and call everyone you know because the last thing America needs is four years of a Hillary Clinton in office only because she can legally pardon herself as president—shocking and un-American. Leave no stone unturned, roll up your shirt sleeves and join Doc Holliday in the trenches for freedom this week by doing everything that you can to make sure Hillary Clinton is defeated. The best way to do that is to vote for the Trump/Pence ticket!