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Thriving Entrepreneur – Use VIDEO to Dynamically Increase Your Online Presence and Promote Your Company

The use of video in our business can be one of the most dramatically impactful marketing efforts for our business, but more importantly may be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself!
There are those who grew up dreaming of being a star and just can’t wait to get in front of the camera, and there are those of you who are terrified at the thought of being filmed.
You know who you are.
On the topic of video I can’t stress just how amazing you are enough to you. Let me assure you, I get where you are coming from! I do! For YEARS the main image for my online presence was this awesome picture of a dog using a laptop. I LOVED IT. But it took me a long time to realize… I was hiding.
So I have begun to embrace all that I am and allow ALL of me to be available for you. My desire is for you to learn and grow. The best way I can help you with that is by modeling it.
So no matter where you are and what the thoughts of being on video are for you, from excited to terrified and everything in between, I promise today wont hurt. It will be fun. And by the end of it no matter who you are you will be ready to really let all of you out.
Host Steve Kidd is DELIGHTED beyond words to be joined today by Keri Murphy CEO of Inspired Living. Keri is on a mission to empower women of all ages dream live and be all that is possible.
We want to help you learn
* How impactful video is on your business
* What is the best way for a beginner to use video in their business
* What are the key things a good video needs to work and where should it be posted
* 1-3 tip you can use immediately to start adding impactful video to your company promotion
I encourage you to listen in and see how you can THRIVE by adding video to your promotions